"If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong." ~Pat Parelli

photo by Coco
photo by Coco

Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship was founded by Pat Parelli and is The Ultimate Way To Train Your Horse™.   


Everyone who has a horse has a dream of what they can achieve with their horse. In the Nov. 2009 Savvy Times a few Savvy Club members shared their dreams with us: “To enjoy every minute I have with my horse.” “To bring out my horse’s enthusiasm to play.” “To have fun with my horse and enjoy myself.”


Imagine that when you're with your horse there is no fear, brace or opposition; no frustration. There’s partnership, harmony, unity and love. You and your horse find safety and peace together and riding is fun! Your horse looks forward to your times together, as you look forward to your times with him. When you go to the pasture your horse whinnies to you, and when you call he runs up to greet you.


This dream can come true! Parelli Natural Horsemanship is designed to teach you how to get these kinds of results step by step. It’s not tricks. It’s about having a relationship, understanding your horse, communicating clearly, and earning your horse’s trust in you and in your leadership.


What's your dream? Take steps today toward achieving it. Sign up for a lesson with Licensed Parelli Professional, Annie Shank, to start or progress along your journey in Parelli Natural Horsemanship. PNH can help you progress in your relationship, understanding, communication & trust with your horse.



To find out more about Parelli Natural Horsemanship click here: http://www.parellinaturalhorsetraining.com/natural-horsemanship


Official Parelli Website: www.parelli.com  


Riding Maddy bridle-less with Ole' at liberty in the pasture
Riding Maddy bridle-less with Ole' at liberty in the pasture

Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Linda & Pat Parelli have created a program that can help anyone become a horseman! Students in the Parelli Program have access to ParelliConnect (an online social network with coaching and resources for Parelli members) in addition to an online Vault of videos & articles, and monthly instructional material. As a Parelli student you will have access to lessons, clinics, workshops and play days with Parelli Professionals that are trained and ready to help you. This program has video coaching available, lots of instructional videos and instructors all over the world to help you learn to understand your horse.  Pat even defined a levels program that allows you to measure your progress and horsemanship level.


I am a fulltime Licensed 2 Star Junior Instructor in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program. I’ve been a licensed Parelli Professional since 2009 and love helping people reach their horsemanship goals and create partnerships with their horses. I am located in Morriston, FL.  I have a round pen, indoor and outdoor arena, equine playground and stalls available for your use at my facility. I’m looking forward to helping you along your horsemanship journey.

photo by Coco
photo by Coco


How do I get started?


Step 1:  Become a Parelli Member.


Click here to learn more about Parelli Member options and to activiate your free 30-day trial: http://www.parellinaturalhorsetraining.com/Parelli-Connect?utm_source=Parelli+Member+List&utm_campaign=65b7097e34-20K_general_members_info&utm_medium=email  


Need Parelli equipment, educational material or tickets?  Click "Shop" here:  http://instructor.parelli.com/AnnieShank;jsessionid=95AEACA6D9297DF37B3E2FEB1FE11D3E.node2


Step 2: Get safe!  Start Parelli Level 1.  Level 1 is all about becoming safe with your horse.


a.  Take a lesson or attend a clinic or course.  Contact me to sign up for a lesson: anneishankpnh@gmail.com


b.  Order the Get Started DVD or Levels 1/2 pack to help you advance at home.  Click shop at:  ttp://instructor.parelli.com/AnnieShank;jsessionid=95AEACA6D9297DF37B3E2FEB1FE11D3E


Step 3:  Audition for your level 1 certificate or self assess and advance to level 2 where you can start riding and having fun using all the communication and safety skills you started on the ground in level 1.  To find the levels audition and self assessment criteria log into your Savvy Club account: https://www.parellisavvyclub.com/login.faces and click on "levels pathway" on the left hand side.  You can then pay for your Parelli Audition by clicking on "shop" at: httpp://instructor.parelli.com/AnnieShank;jsessionid=95AEACA6D9297DF37B3E2FEB1FE11D3E


photo by Coco
photo by Coco

The Advantages of Digital Parelli Membership:

  • Social networking, resouces, and learning support through ParelliConnect.com
  •  Online access to Level 1 of the Parelli Program
  • Digital access to the quarterly Savvy Times Magazine
  • Digital access to member exclusive DVD content
  • 25% discount on all Parelli products & members-only specials
  • Only $9.95/month or $99/year!
"One day your horse will say, 'The answer's yes! What's the question?'" — Pat Parelli
photo by Coco
photo by Coco

"A true horseman does not look at the horse with his eyes; he looks at his horse with his heart."